Covid-19 Policy

This policy was last updated on the 11th of September 2020.

Classes will be capped at 12 young people.  Each target will be over 1 meter apart with clearly defined markers on the floor.  Students will need to stay within these when it is appropriate


You will only be allowed access to the session if you book online before hand and have provided a contact name, telephone number and email address


No spectators will be allowed in during session time – You will need to drop the child in your care off and pick them up outside the building.  If the child in your care has additional needs and you need to stay for the duration of the session please get in touch


Temperature checks will be in place before each session. People with a temperature of 38C or above will not be admitted to the session.


Students will be required to disinfect their bows and arrows after before and after the session with the disinfecting wipes provided


Hand sanitiser, disinfecting wipes and disposable gloves will be provided and should be used before, during and after the session


Individual bow stands will be allocated before each session and students will only be allowed you shoot with their allocated bow


If students have to share a bow, they will be required to wear a disposable glove on their bow hand at all times


Individual arrow stands will be allocated before each session and students will only be allowed you use their allocated arrow stand


Students will need to collect their own arrows and only one student will be able to approach the target at a time

If sessions are closed due to lockdown you will automatically be given a 100% refund on any class you book

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Covid-19 Policy

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Covid-19 Policy